The Blockchain Sex Workers You Never Knew Existed.

Sex sells but is it safe? Blockchain-based startups are attempting to facilitate secure hook-ups on the blockchain. By verifying users, recording their transactions, ensuring privacy, and attaching reputation ranking to user profiles. Finally, the technology that can make it safe for men and sex workers to turn their bodies into professional workplaces exists.

Although many countries have legalized prostitution, the issue is still highly controversial. So, how difficult is it for sex workers to conduct business?

It sure isn’t easy. Many sex workers, and strippers, love to use social media platforms, such as Instagram. Social media is the most impactful marketing tool available. So, why wouldn’t they flash their boobs on your news feed?

However, social media platforms don’t want this level of liberation. So, they enact outdated censorship policies; such as, don’t show your nipples or your ass. Politicians too are fighting commercial sex with what they do best, make laws against commercial sex. For instance, the recently passed “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act” (or FOSTA-SESTA).

What is it? FOSTA-SESTA purpose is to fight sex trafficking websites. However, it is really a back door to fighting online platforms where sex workers securely communicate with clients safely. Some of these platforms even went dark following the passing to avoid prosecution.

But, isn’t it time for moral debate on whether we should or should not legalize commercial? Instead of criminalizing the market leaving it to pimps? Shouldn’t policy-makers work on a legalization agenda, which regulates and secures the sex market for all?

Well, with the advent of blockchain tech, we wouldn’t have to wait for legislation. The sex market will soon modernise, standardise, and buil on a system that improves the safety of its users.

How will sex workers benefit from blockchain tech?

Working with the issues and problems facing the commercial sex industry, some proposals to create an easy-to-use platform, where sexual favours can be traded for cryptocurrencies have emerged. Sex workers will be able to use a direct end-to-end booking service powered by blockchain technology to communicate with clients securely.

Blockchain sex workers will no longer fear to land strangers and clients with ill-intentions, with cases of clients drugging, robing, or worse, murder will soon be gone.

Additionally, these new ecosystems will come with a blockchain standard tier architecture, offering unique features including privacy. At the core of this industry disruption, smart contracts will provide foundational functionalities including a user profile system and a multi-token economic model, in the form of supplying a cryptocurrency, which is tradable as payment.

Using blockchain technology, blockchain sex workers will no longer have to worry about censorship by the proverbial man or losing access to social media platforms. Just like any other blockchain application, the underlying pieces of the ecosystem will attract paying audiences which wish to have a good time while remaining anonymous.




Last modified: April 10, 2019

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