Strippers Accepting Bitcoin Via QR Tattoos; How Blockchain Is Disrupting Your Consumption Of Erotic Content.

In recent years, fans of webcam shows have been accustomed to trading tokens for access to webcam shows by their favorite stars. Now, they can take this digital currency exchange a step further, by trading tokens to interact face to face with strippers.

Legends Room LV is a strip club of the future. It currently is the world’s only strip club, where clients tip strippers in digital currencies like bitcoin. What’s interesting is that fans have to scan QR code tattoos that are strategically placed on the dancer’s bodies to make the transfer. What an exciting new world of Bitcoin. 

In true blockchain fashion, the strip club is also offering clubbers a limited lifetime membership to the club, which is payable in one flat Bitcoin fee, $5,000 for the clubs native token; 5,000 LGD. This strip club takes modern era technology seriously, with a clear emphasis on exclusivity, while encouraging a unique atmosphere for technological disruption with a VIP aspect. 

What does Blockchain do for Booty shakers? Blockchain technology pays attention to the plight of stripper.

According to the proprietor of the club and manager of the LGD token, the strip club business could use blockchain technology to create a new avenue for adult entertainment, with emphasis on the well-being of the strippers. Should blockchain tech join forces with the booty-shaking field, the decentralized currency market could be exposed to the party going sugar daddy wannabes, to whom cash is everything.

So, what’s Bitcoin doing for the young ladies working at strip clubs? Let me let you in on a secret, it’s all about passive income. 

Strippers have to deal with a lot just to make a decent income to go by. So, instead of hassling the party goer for shots, strippers in the LGD club will walk around the club for with iPads, assisting fans in buying bitcoins. So when you tip the stripper in Bitcoin, the stripper also benefits from the value of the cryptocurrency as adoption grows. 

More precisely, to the stripper who accepts bitcoin will never have to deal with charge-backs, since cryptocurrency fund transfers are irreversible. Moreover, as the transaction is purely peer-to-peer, stripper won’t be discriminated anymore by banks, as cryptocurrencies don’t rely on middle-men. 

After all, the best of Bitcoin conference rent out strip clubs for networking functions. For instance, a recent blockchain conference held a networking party at a Miami strip club, where everyone from bartenders (or rather “startenders”) wore revealing tops and lingerie, waitresses served drinks in equal fashion, and when the party came to an end, plenty of conference attendees stayed to party with Blockchain-empowered strippers.

So, if you are looking for a private area to learn about Bitcoin while enjoying some ass clapping, the club has what they call “conversation rooms”, where VIP clients can discuss all-thing crypto in a club environment.




Last modified: April 10, 2019

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