The Bitcoin Sex Toy Designed to Blow Your Mind.

Have you heard of it? Have you! Trust us, this might just be the best sex toy on the market. Moving forward, Please proceed with utmost caution and undivided attention. Maybe then you will understand.

When BTC Prices Can Control Your Sexual Pleasure.

Evidently, the past few years have been nothing short of a bloodbath for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The prices went up. The prices went down. All along, the crypto-community has been riding this wave, believing that Bitcoin does not commodify, it satisfies.

Above all, that’s bad news for investors. Moreover, the folks hoping for a distinct, more extreme kind of entertainment. For example, a blockchain-based firm, CamSoda, through BitCast, found a rather unique way of benefiting from the market’s ups and downs (quite literally).

In detail, BitCast lets the user find sexual pleasure from pairing a vibrator or any other sex toys to their investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. So that the intensity of the vibration increases and decreases with real-time price of Bitcoin (or any of the cryptocurrencies) rise and fall. In fact, CamSoda refers to this as feeling the power of cryptocurrency.

Feeling The Power Of Cryptocurrency.

In other words, the higher the price, the more intense the sex toy’s vibration. On the contrary, when the price drops the sensation is weakened. Furthermore, CamSoda isn’t the only firm in this unorthodox Bitcoin utility, there are many other companies that allow users to ride the cryptocurrency wave.

While each product satisfies the user distinctly, they all probably work in a similar fashion. So, the users will have to install an App on their mobile phone, which they can pair with their sex toy via Bluetooth. Afterward, the app links the vibrator to the crypto-market and off they go.

Presumably, the Bitcoin-sex toy combination gives some sort of pleasure dream state of getting wealthier with genuine orgasms triggered by a sex toy. Eventually, as more and more people continue tracking their crypto-investments, more opportunities will rise to offer simultaneous sexual pleasure stemmed from price fluctuations.

Bitcoin Might Just Be the Best Sex Toy on the Market, Here is why.

And my is the crypto-market volatile. In particular, the Bitcoin markets and the overall cryptocurrencies market have been going insane with price swings since the start of the year. In addition to the excitement to follow the charts, users now have the option of an interactive sex toy that reacts with the price changes.

As a result, users can literally have sex with Bitcoin’s price fluctuations. Certainly, Bitcoin is setting the bar for aesthetic pleasure, which the technology age has brought. So, are you sure you are aware of all the thing you need to know about Bitcoin and the Blockchain revolution?

Last modified: April 29, 2019

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