The MeToo Movement in China – the Biggest Blockchain Advocates

We all know everything there is to know about China. Unlike most of the world, in China things are pesky. Moreover, they keep getting peskier and peskier as the days go by and more censorship information surfaces. For example, the censorship program initiated by Beijing has advanced beyond government criticism to any funny material the Chinese government deems as inappropriate.

Consequently, it is the Chinese activists and residents who are fed up with the totalitarianism. However, the population of the People’s Republic of China, now have an avenue to freely air their grievances with the government.

The MeToo Movement in China

It is our God-given right to dislike the world the way it is. Evidently, we all have a viewpoint of how things should be. Hence, if you don’t like how things are going, you should express your opinion. But, if you will be silenced for any reason, then you should keep your opinion to yourself, right? Wrong.

What may seem natural to citizens in some countries, is easily curtailed in mainly dictatorial regimes around the world. Also, communist countries, and totalitarian nations. In fact, until now, technology has not been in the people’s favor.

This fact was publicly overturned with the ‘#MeToo’ movement, which swept through social norms in China. At the time, Chinese women used technology to express how feisty they can get when they are forced to take a ‘shut up’ call for an answer. How did they execute this? Using a game-changing piece of technological advancement, blockchain!

Of course, the Chinese government and social platforms, which want to remain in Beijing favor, made attempts to filter a variety of hashtags and keywords that campaigners used on Weibo and Wechat. First, ‘woyeshi’ was censored. Secondly, the ‘#MeToo’ hashtag also got stricken out. And finally “Rice Bunny”.

In response, the MeToo Movement in China campaigners utilized blockchain technology to maintain a record of their stories, using the name “Every Snowflake”. In a nutshell, the website uses a blockchain-based ledger that records each sexual harassment story. As a result, all sexual harassment claims remain in an immutable ledger forever for future generations to find.

What About Chinese Political Dissidents?

Likewise, the Chinese dissident who is hated, if not loathed upon, by the Chinese Communist Party.

For what? Above all, the word ‘Democracy’.

Indeed, democratization brings about fear in Beijing, so much so that the Chinese dissident becomes misunderstood, and demonized.

However, democracy has stood the test of time over the years. And guess what, so will bitcoin and other decentralized networks. So far, bitcoin experts have been largely responsible for its promotion as a viable currency. Most importantly, blockchain technology as a disruptive, revolutionary, and innovative force in finance.

However, if there is a group of people who can add a unique and valuable perspective on the future of decentralization, it has to be the Chinese dissidents. Since the world needs to be better, and there are close to one and a half billion voices that need to be heard, decentralization, or should we say democratization, will one day prevail.

Last modified: August 30, 2019

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