10 Ways to Spend Bitcoin in 2019

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Do you consider yourself to be young and wild? Or maybe you just barely remember those days? Well, millennials, as they are currently referred to also like to spend big on luxury.

55% of sales of luxury brands such as Gucci comes from millennials. In fact, these 18-35-year-olds collectively contributed to an 85% market growth in the luxury goods market in 2017. Indeed, spending money on flashy items is a big deal for consumers under 35 years.

Well, for those millennials fortunate enough to be at the right place during the birth of bitcoin, they are probably sitting on a nice BTC fortune by now. A decade later, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can no longer be regarded as the attention-seeker of the finance world.

Here are things to spend bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on.

Spending Bitcoin – Partying.

1. 2018-2019 season Mavericks tickets- Since Mark Cuban turned crypto-backer after spending a long time as a bitcoin skeptic, his NBA franchise, the Dallas Mavericks, now allows fans to purchase tickets using bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as payments.

2. Lap dances- We recently covered a story about Las Vegas Strippers accepting bitcoin for payments. In fact, some clubs even have bitcoin ATMs installed inside the club. Moreover, club-goers can gain access to VIP rooms, and anything else including beverages to lap dances if they pay in crypto.

3. Crypto Slays in Vegas- The renowned Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and D Las Vegas both accept bitcoins payments at front desks, restaurants, and gift shops since in 2014.

Spending BTC on Luxury and Fun

4. Rolex watches- People can own their own genuine timepieces thanks to the online luxury-watch retailer JavyEstrella.com, which also accepts digital currency payments. You can use bitcoin to purchase some diamond-studded 24 Carat timepieces.

5. Everything in Japan- Japan is a hotbed for digital currencies. Bitcoin acceptance is soaring, allowing citizens to pay for everything including electronics purchases with cryptocurrency.

6. Beer- Bitcoin enthusiasts are changing happy hours at pubs around the world for generations to come. Since as early as 2013, Australian pub Old Fitzroy has been selling beer and taking bitcoin payments.

7. Guns- If you want to try out your skills at the gun range, the Central Texas Gun Works accepts bitcoin for online and in-store sales.

8. A Brazilian Butt Lift- the Manhattan-based, BodySCULPT, says that it’s the first plastic-surgery practice to accept bitcoin payments for the posterior procedure. Other procedures that can be paid for in bitcoin include liposuction.

9. Big Whoppers- Hungry yet? Since 2016, the Burger King in Arnhem, Netherlands, started accepts cryptocurrency payments, even at one point offering one free Whopper for every Whopper purchased with digital currency.

10. Meatball-Marinara sandwiches- Still hungry? Well, an Allentown-based Subway in Pennsylvania is a place to spend bitcoin on some of the best sandwiches on the planet.

Last modified: August 30, 2019

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