Is Blockchain The Solution To Africa’s Problems?

In the wake of the 2007/08 financial crisis, there was general agreement that the world needed a better system. A new system where financial institutions would seize control over the countries’ wealth. In response, Satoshi Nakamoto brought the world Bitcoin, and Blockchain technology, and thus launched a massive decentralization movement.

A similar libertarian movement is currently underway in Africa, although in a much slower pace. In general, Africa is a continent pegged with problems that need solving. If indeed Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is to solve the problems that arise from central systems, then Africa will be the backdrop for Blockchain’s successful adoption. With this purpose in mind, the true worth of Blockchain technology will manifest in African, more than anywhere else in the world.

The Best Place for Blockchain-Powered Disruption.

Of course, Africa has a lot of problems. At the same time, all these problems come under control with the key principles of blockchain. For instance, the continent has the most corrupt governments in the world, where wealth and power is under a handful of people. Thus, Blockchain’s transparent nature can help in elections, international remittance, and stamp out corruption in institutions. Moreover, some initiatives have come up to address the problem of energy distribution and providing financial services to the unbanked population. Certainly, there are a lot of reasons that make Africa the best place for blockchain-powered disruption.

Africa and a Sharing Economy.

Firstly, consider the financial system of Africa. The barriers of opening a bank account are high, forcing a majority of the population to rely on traditional forms of storing money. Despite that fact that individual’s retain control over their money, storing your money collectively as a community under the custody of a single individual, is hardly efficient, leave alone safe.

Moreover, other Africans have to rely on other rather unorthodox methods to store their money. With blockchain technology, Africans can be guaranteed of social and solidarity finance. In other words, Blockchain technology will eliminate intermediaries, replacing them with peer-to-peer banking, where control and flow of funds are governed by smart contracts. As a result, banking in Africa is made efficient, and less prone to corruption.

Secondly, Blockchain technology can facilitate the disruption of energy in Africa. Moreover, this blockchain solution for energy distribution is under the control of the community rather than individuals. Indeed, Blockchain technology for energy distribution can also be a good start. At the moment, the infrastructure needed to efficiently distribute energy is lacking. Many cities have limited energy as a result of a few modernized infrastructure, preventing innovation and growth.

Thirdly, Blockchain technology for improved cross-border payments and remittance can facilitate intra-Africa trade. Arguably, this can be the best use case for blockchain in Africa. At the moment, traders have to deal with a lot of friction when making cross-border payments. Considering the recent plan by African nations to create a continental free trade agreement, blockchain-powered cross-border payments, and remittances, could play a pivotal role in Africa’s economic growth.

Clearly, Africa is still years from Blockchain adoption, but there are plenty of opportunities and already existing solution, which is viable and adopted globally.

Last modified: April 18, 2019

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Is Blockchain The Solution To Africa’s Problems?

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