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GRAYLL (GRX) is a project employing DLT, AI, and machine learning to create an algorithmic financial system. This will allow the platform to create exponential profits for investors automatically through a simple and user-friendly mobile and web app. The app can be used for all financial assets, whether they are commodities, real estate, weather metrics, art or social media trend data.



IEO Platform: N/A

Opening Date: 17th April 2019

Closing Date: 27th October 2019

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Symbol: GRX

Blockchain Type: Stellar

Role of Token: unknown


Public Sale Hard Cap: 35,000,000 USD

Total Token Supply: 12,500,000,000 GRX

Tokens for Public Sale: 5,000,000,000 GRX (40%)

Public Sale Token Price: 0.01 USD

Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, FIAT, XLM

Token Sale Format: unknown


Fernando de Menezes- Founder

Akshay Arora- Co-Founder

Hemal Gandhi- Co-Founder

Daniel Peter- Chief Developer

Aleksandar Djordjevic- DLT advisor

Artem Zaitsev- DLT advisor


Company Name: unknown

Country of Incorporation: United Kingdom

Company Address: 78 York Street London

KYC: Required.

More about GRAYLL (GRX)

GRAYLL (GRX) represents a unique opportunity for investors. In fact, there are few direct competitors in the space. In addition, the existing competition does not employ innovative technology beyond blockchain on derivatives and options. Thus, GRAYLL (GRX) system will utilize a set of algorithms and machine learning models to improve decision making. Eventually, this will reduce human bias and eliminate emotional stress that creates risk when investing and trading financial instruments. As a result, the return on investment is enhanced.

What’s more? In addition to DLT, AI, and ML, the system will also apply data science to improve decision making even further. Thus, this will guarantee increased performance with regards to using trading features such as stop loss. Furthermore, users don’t need any knowledge, experience or lots of funds to use these services. GRAYLL is an early entrant in the blockchain space, but the team is well experienced in the financial sector.

Just like other FinTech and AI ventures, GRAYLL (GRX) has a high burn rate because of the high payroll costs of acquiring skilled talent. There are also marketing, PR, business development, advertising, and miscellaneous expenses necessary to acquire new users to the system. Hence, some milestones may take longer to achieve as funds are consumed at a high rate.


The tokenized asset market has a growth projection of 24 trillion by 2027. In fact, 2019 might be the year the market hits a value of approximately eight trillion. As patent studies on blockchain forge ahead, new applications will come up thereby boosting adoption. Applications that use data science and other technologies which allow you to stay ahead of other traders will gain a huge advantage. For this reason, GRAYLL (GRX) deserves a 4-star rating.

Last modified: October 16, 2019