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MultiVAC (MTV) is working to create a public blockchain for industrial-grade dApps. The platform adopts a sharding mechanism using probabilistic models for consensus. In addition, the platform will use proprietary technology for high flexibility for developers. Thus, several parameters are adjustable according to the business needs of each user. In essence, the project is geared towards building an extremely fast, highly scalable, and genuinely robust blockchain.


IEO Platform: KuCoin

Opening Date: Stage 1: 3rd April 2019

Closing Date: Stage 2: 9th April 2019

Country of Origin: Singapore


Symbol: MTV

Blockchain Type: Ethereum

Role of Token: Utility


Public Sale Hard Cap: 18,600,000 USD

Total Token Supply: 100,000,000,000

Tokens for Public Sale: 25,000,000

Public Sale Token Price: 0.00600 USD

Accepted Currencies: ETH

Token Sale Format: ERC20


Frank Lyu

Dr. Shawn Ying

Claire Wang

MultiVAC (MTV) Team


Company Name: N/A

Country of Incorporation: Singapore

Company Address: N/A

KYC: Required

More about MultiVAC (MTV)

Above all, the project provides users with a solution that will allow them to customize several parameters according to their needs. Hence, the blockchain will be able to accommodate several dApps in the market.

Besides, this platform will be the first of its kind. How?

Implementing VRF into sharding makes the platform stand out from other solutions. Also, the existence of alternative solutions for several problems associated with sharding technology makes it even more attractive. MultiVAC (MTV) employs a unique consensus algorithm, as opposed to the ordinary POW found in sharding models. Moreover, the team behind the project is both technically and academic qualified to deliver on the goals of this project.

But wait, there’s more.

For a project of this scale, it lacks sufficient partners to guarantee development ahead of competitors.

What’s more?

Unfortunately, the GitHub code is private. Despite the team releasing snapshots of the code showing progress, such a brilliant technical idea deserves to be public for public participation. However, with 50,000 lines of code already written, the team seems to be doing okay. Strictly speaking, the team has combined years of technical experience, but, is lacking in commercial and business experience. In comparison, other projects seem to have the perfect synergy between technical and market expertise.


The opportunities ahead for MultiVAC’s customizable solution have the potential to revolutionize the dApp market. Moreover, it’s already a well-known fact that blockchain must scale for feasibility and viability sake. Unfortunately, scalability presents several limitations. To illustrate, blockchain networks have to choose two out of three factors from scalability, decentralization, and security. As a result, the flexibility of customizing several factors for business needs presents dApp developers with an explicit opportunity.

Other successful projects such as Zilliqa and QuarkChain, and Dfinity, make MultiVAC the fourth entrant in the field. Hence, adoption is uncertain. However, the project deserves a favorable 4-star rating for its unique value positioning.

Last modified: October 17, 2019