Startups Using Blockchain to Transform Real Estate

The real estate-blockchain collaboration might be a dangerous affair. However, there are a few blockchain startups focused on real estate that are attempting to solidify this marriage with some degree of success. Above all, these firms are pioneers in an industry that will tokenize the way we buy, sell and invest in property.

Here are some of the best blockchain startups which focus on real estate.


Harbor held its ICO in 2017 attracting over $38 million. At the moment, Harbor controls a large share of the North American market thanks to these funds. At the same time, Harbor has an Ethereum ERC20 token, which allows for the resale of the currency. Also, the liquidation aspect of the token makes it an undeniable attraction to investors.


Following an ICO that raked in over $15 million, Propy looks set to control a significant share of the blockchain property space. The firm facilitates the purchase of property through blockchain from a wide range of locations including the US. Moreover, investors can buy property in Dubai, Europe, and Hong Kong. Furthermore, the firm can also aid clients to conduct cross-border payment transactions in the real estate sector. Over time, Propy looks poised to grow exponentially. First in the number of users. Second in terms of value rewarding early investors.


StreetWire‘s mission is to innovate the real estate market using blockchain technology as a frontier for an inclusive economy. The firm is building a decentralized clearinghouse for real estate-related data. Also, the company will provide smart contract integration with a focus on giving intrinsic value to clients. The company leverages blockchain technology to streamline the process of closing, valuing and lending property. Moreover, the data producers with retaining control and the value of the data they manage on the platform


With its easy-to-use platform, ShelterZoom allows investors to buy into the blockchain property market using their mobile devices. In detail, the mobile app will also enable functionalities such as widgets and a dashboard. The property market can be easily accessed and is straightforward. Smart contracts execute all transactions. Moreover, the company has users from over 22 countries will boost the number of sales of the network.

With all these projects leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize the real estate sector, global adoption could soon become the industry standard.

Last modified: August 31, 2019

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