Farm2Kitchen (F2K) | Initial Exchange Offering Review

Farm2Kitchen (F2K) is working on the first application of blockchain technology for the food supply chain sector. The project will use blockchain technology and smart contracts to track food delivery on a shared ledger for improved transparency, thus ensuring food safety. Ultimately they will be building the foundation of sustainable agriculture and food safety.


IEO Platform: ExMarkets

Opening Date: 22nd April 2019

Closing Date: 20th June 2019

Country of Origin: Estonia


Symbol: F2K

Blockchain Type: Ethereum

Role of Token: Utility


Public Sale Hard Cap: 9,000,000 USD

Total Token Supply: 280,000,000 F2K

Tokens for Public Sale: 140,000,000 F2K

Public Sale Token Price: 0.1 USD

Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, FIAT

Token Sale Format: N/A


Anand Dholi- Founder

Yogesh Kondaskar- Co-Founder

Hemraj Gaidhani- Co-Founder

Rajan Nikam- Digital Marketing Manager

Dr. V K Arora- Director of Sales


Bogdan Fiedur

Giovanni Casagrande

Giacomo Arcaro

Quentin Herbrecht

Paresh Masani

Desmond Primus

Dinesh Bhatia

Prashant Naikwadi

Philipe Dasilva

Robert Shofkom


Company Name: Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Incorporation: Estonia

Company Address: N/A

KYC: Required.

More about Farm2Kitchen (F2K)

The strongest selling point for the project is the partnership with a long-established business, which connects farmers to the marketplace. This allows Farm2Kitchen to take advantage of their know-how of the food supply chain. In addition, the Farm2Kitchen (F2K) network is designed to be secure, reliable, and cost-effective. As a result, it is a perfect solution for food traceability. Furthermore, the team behind the project have background experience in tech, agriculture, retail, supply chain management, and regulatory compliance.

The market is enormous and supply chains keep getting more incredibly complex as they spin across the globe. Hence, this is a problem, which Farm2Kitchen (F2K) has to address. Even though blockchain is a powerful technology, it is is not yet evolved enough to handle the growing transaction volume. Also, Farm2Kitchen’s (F2K) access to the market will require tremendous resources.

Food safety and quality are becoming a cause for great concern. Even more when you consider the complex supply chain system in use today. Consumers want to know the origin of the food they consume and the logistics of getting them to stores, as well as how farmers conduct the production of these foods. The growing awareness of food wastage and fears about the long term sustainability of food among conscious consumers creates added opportunity for this project to explore.


Currently, IBM and Walmart are working on a blockchain network for the latter’s supply network. Hence, if interoperability concerns are not adequately addressed, recruiting major players will be challenging. Since the project uses crypto payments for membership fees, this could adversely affect growth because of an uncertain regulatory situation. In conclusion, as demand for food grows substantially, projects such as Farm2Kitchen (F2K) could play a key role in global food security. Thus, a favorable 4-star rating is awarded.

Last modified: September 9, 2019